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晏城 Train Station Timetable from January 09, 2006

The Treehouse Cityguide provides this romanization of the official China train schedule as a service for travellers using the railway system in China. The train schedules you view using this page come directly from the official China Railway schedule website. The official site is only in Chinese, so we have romanized the results on the fly for you. Since we are using the official train schedules, you can feel confident that the information you get here is as up-to-date as possible.

It's also possible to search for trains by entering both origin and destination stations.

Trains at 晏城

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Archived schedule from January 09, 2006 01:03:14. You can also look at the most up to date schedule

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All trains passing through 晏城
车次 始发站 终到站 到达时刻 开车时刻
2598 济南 北京西 22:27 22:31
1034/1035 金华西 沈阳北 17:07 17:09
2244/2245 石家庄 烟台 21:13 21:17


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