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organic food raw milk in Kunming?

Joined: 2010-10-24
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*Posted: Submitted by djtutolo (0) on Sun, 2010-10-24 06:51. | Subject: organic food raw milk in Kunming?

I have recnelty found out that some organic food is available at Salvarors on Wenlin St or somewhere around there. My wife and I have not made it to town yet and are reseraching now. We aren't so concerned about some label on the food as we are just that it is from a clean farm. Has anyone spent much time at the outdoor markets and actually visited any of the local farms to see if they are clean or actually farming naturally, using manure and no chemicals? Anyone seen anyone selling goats or chickens at the markets? We are interested in eggs from field chickens. Don't care if they are organic as much as just running around eating bugs, of course best if they are far from any fields being sprayed. Anyone ever seen anyone selling raw unpasteurized milk at the markets. How about honey and royal jelly? 

Thanks so much for any input 

Dan in Oceanside CA 

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