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Female Travel Partner

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*Posted: Submitted by bellachina (0) on Fri, 2010-07-23 11:56. | Subject: Female Travel Partner

A middle aged Hong Kong expat is looking for a middle aged female travel partner to travel or meetup anywhere along my route below. 

I'm thinking of taking local tours in places (see *) which have a record of high crime or is very complicated to travel around for a female traveller who can not speak Mandarin. 

Ladies interested, fancy meeting in Hong Kong on Fri, July 31 and/or Tues, Aug 17?

1. Hong Kong (Aug 16-18)
- passing by Guangzhou
2. Fujian tulous* (2 days)
3. Shanghai (late Aug)
4. Suzhou (early Sept)
5. Hangzhou, Mount Huangshang*, Wuyuan* (mid Sept)
- passing by Guangzhou & Kaiping
6. Stop over in HK & Macau (Sept 27-Oct 4)
- passing by Guangzhou
7. Fly to Lijiang*, Dali* & Kunming  (all Oct)
Yuanyang Rice terraces, (late Oct)
9. Xishuangbanna (Jingjong)  (late Oct/early Nov)
10. Guizhou* - Kaili & Hunan* - Zhangjiajie (early Nov)
11. Guangxi – Guilin & Yangshou (mid Nov-early Dec)
- passing by Guangzhou


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