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Dali Wu Wei Si Kung Fu related questions

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*Posted: Submitted by Yop (0) on Wed, 2008-09-17 10:39. | Subject: Dali Wu Wei Si Kung Fu related questions

Dear all,

Soon I am Kungming bound, being advised to study Kung Fu in Dali's Wu Wei Si. I have discussed the Wu Wei Si situation with Chinese Shifu's in Australia. They told me to be sceptic, for the reason that monks are asking 50 dollors per week from foreign students, which they say is strange as it is allot of money in China. They pointed out that I should consider 'why a monk would need such an amount'. They told me 50 dollors per month, including a Kung Fu teacher, accommodation and food would be far more realistic. For this reason, and no disrespect intended, I would like to inquire on the integrity of Wu Wei Si and its masters. I have practiced before in Wudang Shan, and ended up in a martial resort for foreigners. I don't mind the cane, I don't mind having to speak and learn more Chinese.

Perhaps it would help if one could inform me on the motivation for the monks to leave the original Shaolin temple. If these monks are indeed legit, praise them for bringing Shaolin towards those willing to learn... or perhaps those willing to pay. I hope you understand my sceptism, and take no offence.

I understand it is easy to find a place for accommodation in Kungming, as it is touristic. Any lowbudget reccomendations?

On another note, could one write down the Chinese characters for Dali and Old Dali, preferably with the pinyin, so I may look for a bus from Kungming airport. I'd like to ask the driver to inform me about the moment of our Dali arrival.



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Joined: 2008-09-24
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*Posted: Wed, 2008-09-24 19:30 | Subject: Dali Wu Wei Si Kung Fu related questions

Dear You!

First of all. I unfortunately cannot answer your questions. I write cause I agree your scepticism on the one hand. Is Wu Dang really that overrun? If so, I also wouldn't like to go there (I actually intend visiting China in 2009 to improve my Taijiquan). I hope Wu Wei Si is different. I think someone learning martial arts doesn't really need a full climated room with tv and internet. I'm scarred that  those "resorts" lack of an intense way to teach their style, for there are too many people. Have you also been to Chenjiagou?

Well, on the other hand what are 50 bugs for you, as a westener? Aren't Wudang or Shaolin monasteries as well? So, what did you pay there? I guess it's much more. Isn't it?

Anyways. Good luck and I hope that you`ll post some experiences soon.


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Joined: 2008-09-17
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*Posted: Sun, 2008-09-28 06:53 | Subject: I've reached Dali,

I've reached Dali, yesterday. I will either pay my first visit to Wu Wei Si today or tommorrow.

 Forgive me, the right amount is 50 Euro's. I've left my home about two years ago, wandering the world in spiritual resonance. So a financially rich life is something I have given up and have no interest in. I'll try to explain this to shifu, and see if he will be sympathetic to my Dao.

 Indeed, there is no integrity in Wudang Shan, in my experience so far. They teach you mere forms for allot of money, being stranded without any basis at all. They go well easy on you. For four times the money, you deserve four times the pain Wink. You will not or hardly be corrected if you flaw in your form. I saw some fellow foreigners standing in knee-wrecking positions, and they where simply not corrected. Very inresponsible. In my experience, most local students learn Kung Fu to become well paid masters. There's no real sufisticated motivation which I have often found with fellow foreigners.

Indeed as you say, after training one would watch mindless TV and WiFi Internet was on its way. Certainly one can still benifit from soley personal effort, using the situation wisely. Yet, authenticity is far from being found. One would probably do best at just approaching a random teacher - asking locals for a good teacher. Though, still being mindful they may refer you to 'this' or 'that' school in the hope of getting a small share of the money they make of foreigners. I must say, that perhaps, the martial soul has been killed. And I must also say, that these days, the martial soul seems to be more alive in foreigners than in the Chinese. For foreigners still dare to contemplate freely and creativley, where in China this seems to be against its society's patterns; obey and copy. Of course, this is merely my humble experience and have met quite a few Chinese friends whom are not bound to this ethos.

Your's truly, 


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*Posted: Sat, 2009-06-20 10:05 | Subject: to Yop

Are you still in Dali?

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