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Vientiane Guesthouses

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*Posted: Submitted by dick_s_tracey (0) on Mon, 2008-04-28 15:18. | Subject: Vientiane Guesthouses

Vientiane Laos PDR.

If you arrive late in the day most of the Guesthouses in the downtown area tend to be full. The one that does have room is the Hay-Soke in Hengboon St. There is a good reason for this, the price......K150,000! The rooms although having a bathroom I would class as being ''at the bottom end of the market''. Having got stuck there for one night I soon found a good place, Syri2 round the corner in Sethathirat Rd. for K60,000. Although one shared a bathroom with a couple of other rooms the place was friendly and clean......recomended! Don't put up with K150,000, there are many guesthouses so look around.

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