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Yangshuo for Chinese New Year


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*Posted: Submitted by jadeleo66 (1) on Thu, 2007-12-13 05:01. | Subject: Yangshuo for Chinese New Year

China is a country with long history, civilizations as well as gorgeous natural landscape, and the most unique landscape is in Yangshuo Guilin.  Yangshuo Guilin where has the reputation of having the most beautiful landscape under heaven. It is a dream place for many tourists who want to see the karst landscape and touch the countryside life. Hilltops pop up from nowhere like trees in the forest and they are shaped like buns, camels, fishes, saw-teeth, horses, etc.  Chinese New Year 2008 is the year of Rat, the people clean their house, shopping and make rice cakes, wash their quilts and bed covers. when you visit this area, you will see locals how to spend their new year, children wear their new clothes, decorate with poems on red paper and New Year pictures, and give children "lucky money" in red envelopes.  The New Year Eve, the family members sit down together for reunion meal, after meal, the whole family sits around chatting, watching TV, playing cards . At midnight, people set off fireworks, crackers. You can see lion dances, dragon dances and other performances.  RatActivities available: 1.         Faming Activities and Stay in farmers' houses2.         Hot Air Balloon3.         Bamboo boat rafting, white water drifting as well as taking mud bath in water cave4.   Li river cruise tour. Cormorant fish, fantastic caves
5.   Gorgeous Rice Terraces
6.    Marvelous ethnic shows, local souvenirs market and market day of town
7.   Climbing the highest mountain to see the panoramic view
8.   Hiking, Riding bicycle to old villages to see real farmers life.9.       Learning to cook Chinese food, Chinese Qigong and Taiji   It is a city you must visit or you will miss those beautiful landscape there, If you want to tour China but fail to pay a visit to Guilin, it is equal to having not toured China!  

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*Posted: Fri, 2007-12-14 08:16 | Subject: Yes.The spring festival


The spring festival is very interesting in CHina.

If just want a traditional spring festiuval,never go to the city.

It lacks ofd atmosphere.

You should go to the countryside.

The people there are more traditional than that in city.


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