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Das ParkHotel -- stay in a park in a...cylinder.


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*Posted: Submitted by wtanaka (648) on Fri, 2005-10-14 17:25. | Subject: Das ParkHotel -- stay in a park in a...cylinder.

Das ParkHotel, located in Linz, offers minimal lodging for however much money you're willing to leave.. usually between 7 and 20 euro. Each cylinder has a queen-sized mattress w/ linens, insulation, a small window, a 220V outlet, an Internet connection, and storage beneath the bed for your luggage.

Sanitary facilities, breakfast area and other hotel amenities are to be found around the hotel: at the Danube park public toilets and at the cafés of Linz city centre.

It's open from July-October. You don't need to check in, because when you reserve a cylinder, the website emails an entry code to you.

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*Posted: Sat, 2005-10-15 17:15 | Subject: Re:Das ParkHotel -- stay in a park in a...cylinder.

We may need a special European forum for this thread Cool

Perhaps to allow for the European languages (German
& French) also catered for in the Treehouse.

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