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8 places to meet women in beijing

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*Posted: Submitted by mcmickey (1) on Fri, 2006-11-17 03:17. | Subject: 8 places to meet women in beijing

hey guys i found a website on beijing and shanghai lifestyle. it has a lot of good stuff about nightlife on it

below is one of its content

As China's capital, there are many different bars and restaurants in Beijing, covering all genres of nightlife. Bar-goers tend to be expatriates, foreign

students, businessmen, white collar workers, artists, and university students. Most of the bars and restaurants in Beijing provide a unique aesthetic

ambience and great service. There are a large variety of bars in Beijing and several of them have their own unique gimmicks: "the bus bar", for example, is

located in an old bus; "the football bar" is a football-themed bar; and "the movie bar" is a venue where patrons can enjoy a large numbers of Western and

Chinese movie. However, for bar-goers who are more interested in the people, specifically the ladies, than the atmosphere, listed below are some of the best

bars in Beijing for singles:

Suzie Wong

Named after a party girl in 1930's Shanghai, "Suzie Wong" has become synonymous with squander, seduction, and eroticism. The Suzie Wong bar in Beijing is

said to be the bar in which Du Kefeng, the official camera man of Wan Jiawei (a famous Hong Kong director), used to indulge himself with wine, women and

song. At the apex of a set of spiral steps is a soft bed, a recurrence of the scenery from Wang Jiawei's "Chungking Express" and "Ashes of Times."

At Suzie Wong, glass after glass of alchohol engenders an atmosphere of ecstasy which eases up all the senses. The ambience created by Susie Wong has made

the bar the focus and assembly point of the most fascinating women in Beijing.

Address: West Gate of Chaoyang Park, A1 Nongzhanguan Road, Chaoyang, Beijing

Ou Thai Restaurant

A slight air of sadness hovers over this Beijing Thai restaurant. Iron chairs and multi-colored cushions create a pleasant but cold atmosphere at this

restaurant, which is a key gathering point of several of Beijing's most attractive women.

Address: 32 Yandaixie Street, Xicheng, Beijing

Lotus Bar

Thousands of decorations, scarves and shawls, create a graceful, unique, and distinctly feminine atmosphere at the Lotus Bar, and the venue is one of Beijing

’s more glamourous nightspots. The interior décor of the bar is done in reds and greens to conjure up the image of the lotus flower and many beautiful

patrons are drawn to its scent.

Address: 29 Yandaixie Street, Shichahai, Xicheng, Beijing

Wen Shi Coffee

A scenic adventure begins at the entrance of Daoguan gate and continues through the intertwining halls of Wen Shi Coffee. The seemingly casual decoration of

the cafe belies a deeper, more clandestine mystery and the venue is a great place for intimate conversations.

Address: 37 Yandaixie Street, Xicheng, Beijing

Loveshine Bar

Located outside of the southern wall of the Beijing Institute of Technology, the Loveshine Bar is an innocent and sentimental venue that is a favorite local

hangout for Beijing girls and their admirers. Delicate elements of the bar include its pink interiors, a butterfly wind bell, and a flying veil.

Address: 12 Back Sea Lake, North Bank, Xicheng, Beijing

Cherry Season

The bar is also called "seven and a half" and on the outside wall is a line from pop singer Han Lei which reads, "Are you tired after a long journey?" The

sentiment touches on the hearts of women who are worn out and world-weary from searching for love. The Cherry Season itself combines the two totally opposite

states of "loud" and "silent," offering an area for live music performances and an area for silent relaxation. In this "silent" bar, a holy moon is added on

the fake window, creating a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Address: 3 Weigongcun Road, Haidian, Beijing

C'est La Vie

The name is derived from a novel of the same title and the red sofas and smooth décor in the bar create a cozy and comfortable ambience. Located in Sanlitun,

the C'est La Vie exudes an introspective and solitary vibe, and serves as a more serene alternative to the other boisterous bars of Sanlitun.

Address: Sanlitu Bar Street, Chaoyang, Beijing

Public Space Bar

Formerly named "the White Room", the Public Space Bar is decorated with black and brown granite counters red fabrics, and dark green chairs giving it the

regal and indestructible feel of a European castle.

Address: 50 Sanlitun Road (N), Chaoyang, Beijing

there are some other articles on various topics. and you can ask anything about the two cities. i've asked three and they all got worked out.

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