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Precautions for using a cone crusher

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*Posted: Submitted by crushermachine2 (0) on Thu, 2018-10-18 08:27. | Subject: Precautions for using a cone crusher

With the continuous improvement of national infrastructure construction, the demand for aggregates of sand and gravel is also expanding. The aggregate crushing plant, heavy hammer crusher, cone crusher, counter crusher and high efficiency sand making machine for producing aggregates of gravel aggregates If the equipment is needed by the user, then when customers buy the crusher, what should they pay attention to? Follow the small series to see it!

The ore entering the cone crusher should be evenly fed into the cone crusher crushing chamber from the cone crusher. Otherwise, the cone crusher will be overloaded and the cone cone will be fixed and fixed. The conical lining wears prematurely and reduces the productivity of the cone crusher and produces an uneven product size. At the same time, the cone crusher feeding ore is not allowed to enter the cone crusher crushing chamber only from the side of the cone crusher, and the ore crushing mill's feeding size should be controlled within the specified range.

In order to make the cone crusher safe and normal production, it is also necessary to pay attention to the condition of the safety spring in the operation of the cone crusher. If the spring has normal tightness, but the support ring often jumps, it is not possible to take the method of tightening the spring at random. It is necessary to find out the reason why the support ring jumps. In addition to entering the non-broken object, it may be due to the cone crushers. The mine is uneven or excessive, the size of the discharge port of the cone crusher is too small, and the wet ore blocks the discharge port of the cone crusher.

In order to maintain the width of the discharge port of the cone crusher, according to the wear condition of the cone crusher liner, the adjustment ring should be rotated clockwise every two or three days to make it slightly lower, which can reduce the gap of the discharge port of the cone crusher which is increased due to wear. If the cone crusher adjustment ring rotates 2-2.5 turns clockwise, the size of the cone crusher discharge port can not be satisfied, you have to replace the cone crusher liner.

When the cone crusher is shut down, the mining machine should be stopped first. After the ore in the crushing chamber of the cone crusher is completely discharged, the motor of the cone crusher is stopped, and finally the oil pump is stopped.

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