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Skai Moore Jersey

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*Posted: Submitted by officialsbaseball (0) on Fri, 2018-09-21 08:04. | Subject: Skai Moore Jersey

Now that Von Miller has his new pass rushing
partner Emmitt Smith
, John Elway knows he needs to give Case Keenum and
Demaryius Thomas some help on offense.

The Denver Broncos' general manager grabbed the top-ranked defensive player
in the NFL draft Thursday night when North Carolina State defensive end Bradley
Chubb fell to Denver at No. 5.

A stunned Elway said "zero" of his mock draft scenarios had Chubb falling
into his lap to the thrill of superstar Von Miller and giving coach Vance Joseph
the ultimate problem for a coach: an abundance of pass rushers.

Chubb will play outside linebacker in Denver where he's expected to
immediately upgrade a defense that ranked third last season but surrendered a
whopping 29 TD passes.

The Broncos own three more picks in the top 100, including the 40th overall
selection in the second round and a pair of third-rounders Friday.

Elway, who signed Keenum in free agency last month, needs more playmakers for
an anemic offense. He has said he'll target a running back after releasing C.J.

ESPN analyst Jon Gruden is widely expected to become the next head coach of
the Raiders. Before that happens Marshall
Faulk Jersey
, he’ll call one more game for the four-letter
network: Saturday, Kansas City. Titans at Chiefs.

It could create some tension, especially since the home team plays in the
same division as the Raiders. But the friendship between Chiefs coach Andy Reid
and Gruden apparently trumps any awkwardness. According to the Chiefs, they have
no concerns about Gruden’s presence Preston
Smith Jersey
, and they won’t alter his access to practice or
production meetings.

The Titans had no comment on whether Gruden’s access to production meetings
involving Titans coaches and quarterback will be adjusted.

The Titans, in contrast, tell PFT that Gruden won’t be attending practice in
advance of Saturday’s game. But that’s normal practice. Gruden attended practice
prior to Tennessee’s October 16 game against the Colts, since it was a home
game. Typically Jack
Mewhort Jersey
, the production crew attends the home team’s final
practice of the week.

If the Titans keep Gruden out of production meetings, they’re handling it the
right way. Friendship, schmendship; Gruden will soon be jumping back into the
fray, and the Chiefs will be his enemy. Anything he sees or hears can and will
be used against Kansas City later. If Gruden didn’t take that
approach Jason
Spriggs Jersey
, he wouldn’t be properly doing the job that he
likely will accept in the days after the last game of ESPN’s NFL season

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