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How to calculate the power loss of the multi-blade grinding process of the marble superfine grinding machine?

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The marble mill has certain skills and methods when it is used. In order to save energy and high efficiency, it is necessary to make flexible use of wear-resistant and fragile accessories to make full use of its performance and service life. Multi-knife grinding has a typical application method. Its working characteristics are similar to those of marble ultrafine mill. It has summarized its experience from a wide range of application fields such as mining, construction, metallurgy and chemical industry, and found its functional loss in these aspects. The calculation is more prominent.

The main components of the traditional mill include the main machine, bearings, grinding rolls, grinding rings, dust collectors and other parts. In the process of multi-knife mill operation, its power will have different degrees of loss with the operation of the equipment. For the loss knowledge, we should also pay attention to learn clever calculations, so that the operation mode can be changed and the loss can be reduced.

In actual production, although the working efficiency of the marble mill is very critical, the power loss can not be neglected, but also attracts the attention of major manufacturers and users. For manufacturers, in order to produce equipment that consumers can be satisfied with, it is necessary to start from the quality of the equipment and the loss of its power, but many manufacturers in the actual production did not do so, resulting in the product department can reach the user's Claim.

The power consumption of the traditional mill can be easily calculated. The main method used is the area theory, which is mainly aimed at the overall power consumption of various marble mills and other equipment under different grinding ratios. In general, the crushing ratio and time are inversely proportional. It is also said that if the multi-blade mill with the same model has a longer grinding time, the overall crushing ratio will increase, and the power consumption will increase. Big.

As a kind of traditional mill, the stone mill is widely used. However, for all major manufacturers, in addition to paying attention to the overall quality of the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to it. The power consumption of the equipment such as the knife mill and the calculation of the wear and loss ratio in time can find the ideal grinding method and save more money for the enterprise.

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