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Sand making machine equipment promotes the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue resources

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Coal gangue refers to waste discharged during coal mine construction, coal mining and processing. Coal gangue is the largest solid waste in China, accounting for more than 20% of industrial solid waste in China. With the development of science and technology, the comprehensive interests of coal gangue technology is also constantly improving. The use of coal gangue for the production of cement, concrete, brick, ceramsite, mortar and road engineering, agricultural fertilizer, power generation, chemical fillers, etc. has mature technology, and even established many production lines. The new sand making machine (sanding machine) produced by SBM has obvious advantages in the processing and treatment of coal gangue crushing and fine crushing, which can effectively promote the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue resources.

The new sand making machine produced by our SBM can effectively promote the recycling of meteorite resources and reduce pollution to promote resource reuse. The sand making machine has the characteristics of small discharge particle size, uniform grain size, large production capacity, long hammer life, small supporting power, three-stage crushing to secondary crushing, simplified process, simple structure, convenient maintenance and stable operation. . The coal gangue can be crushed to less than 5mm, the uniformity of discharge is uniform, the processing amount is large, and the fine crushing efficiency is high, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the whole coal gangue brick production line. In addition, the sand making machine has a unique structure of high-chromium plate hammer, unique counter-impact lining hard rock crushing, unique inertial impact balancing device, and a unique and easy disassembly and maintenance window. The size of the discharged particles can be adjusted, which simplifies the crushing process and greatly improves the efficiency of crushing and fine crushing of coal gangue. Compared with other coal gangue crushers, the equipment has lower operating costs and is more efficient and durable.

The application of SBM new sand making machine equipment can effectively solve the problem of using vermiculite and coal slag as brick plant additive and internal fuel; using vermiculite and shale to produce standard brick and hollow brick high-humidity material to be crushed. The coal gangue crushed by SBM new sand making machine can be used to manufacture non-burning hollow bricks: burning bricks without fuel, saving energy; making bricks without (less use) land, saving land resources; turning waste into treasure, reducing environmental pollution; With less investment in the factory and high efficiency, the company is a new product strongly promoted and promoted by the national material and environmental protection departments. A good helper for the comprehensive reuse of coal gangue resources of SBM's new sand making machine.

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