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Possible failure and elimination method of counter-type sand making machine

Joined: 2018-06-22
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Counter-type sand making machine, also known as counter-attack crusher, is one of the most widely used sand making equipment in the field of sand making machine. What problems may occur when the counter-type sand making machine has been in use for a long time? Our SBM will provide you with detailed answers to the possible failures and causes of the failure of the counter-type sand making machine and the solutions.

First, let's list the possible failures of the counter-type sand making machine. 1. Increased vibration amount 2, reduced production volume 3, excessive bearing temperature 4, excessive discharge size.

Second, the cause of the failure and the solution.

The increase in the amount of vibration is caused by the fact that the rotor is not well balanced when the hammer is replaced or assembled. The hammer can be removed by weight removal, and the hammer is selected by weight so that the total weight of each hammer is equal to the total weight of the hammer on the hammer shaft.

The decrease in production volume is caused by the clogging of the screen strips or uneven feeding, and it is possible to remove the blockages in the slits of the screen and adjust the feeding mechanism after stopping.

Excessive bearing temperature of the counter-type sand making machine may be caused by insufficient lubricating oil or dirty lubricating oil and bearing damage. You can change the lubricant or replace the bearing by adding a proper amount of lubricant, cleaning the bearing.

Most of the discharge size of the counter-type sand making machine is caused by excessive hammer wear or broken sieve bars, which can be solved by replacing the hammer or replacing the sieve.

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