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Time is like an arrow, and the sun

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*Posted: Submitted by ylq (0) on Thu, 2018-07-12 01:45. | Subject: Time is like an arrow, and the sun

Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. In a blink
of an eye, the six-year primary school career is coming to an end. The teacher
gave me knowledge. The classmates gave me happiness, but maybe because of the
passage of time, my appearance and name will be forgotten, but that person will
always In my memory Online Cigarettes,
because he taught me the true meaning of the problem, he is - Xie Junjie. Junjie
is not tall or short, his body is not fat or thin, his "Altman" hairstyle is
particularly eye-catching, a high-nose bridge with a telescope, and a cherry red
mouth that often laughs at that time. I was buried in the depths of my
memory.ition to his appearance, his mathematics scores are top. Every time he
finishes the test, he hears the first sentence he said: "Yeah! Another hundred
percent!" I often ask Xie Junjie for advice Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, and heill
remember that day, when I was doing the "achievement" question, I had a problem
with my brains. I tried a lot of methods, but I couldn��t do it. I used the
phrase "Best of thoughts" to describe me as a suitable one. No way, only ask Xie
Junjie. The problem of the incomprehensible hand was in his hands. He seemed to
be the best, and he immediately set up his signature action. One hand was
counted on the side of the book, the other hand was holding his head, and the
brow was tight. Locked into a "Chuan" word, there are words in the mouth.
Suddenly, the brow was loose, and the corner of the mouth was raised. When I
took a table, I said excitedly to me: "Make it! Come on!" So he explained it to
me. After the lecture Wholesale
, I asked: "How is your math so good? What are the secrets?" "No,
there are only seven words, learn more and practice more, practice more!"njie is
such a good classmate who is diligent Cheap
, diligent and diligent in practice Marlboro Gold

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