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Internal problems of jaw construction waste crusher

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*Posted: Submitted by crushermachine2 (0) on Fri, 2018-06-22 08:01. | Subject: Internal problems of jaw construction waste crusher

For the Construction waste crushing production line, according to its different types, it can be divided into jaw crusher equipment, cone crusher equipment and impact crusher equipment. Among these different types of equipment, the jaw crusher plays a rough The role of smashing, in the process of building waste disposal, is generally at the forefront, smashing large pieces of waste, processing it into particles that can be accepted by subsequent production equipment, and then performing subsequent production. From this description can It can be seen that the construction of the garbage crusher plays an important role. Without the participation of the aircraft, it may take more cost to complete the construction waste disposal. However, when the aircraft is working, problems will arise. Common parts Damage, lubricating oil pollution, etc. will all affect the production process. In fact, when it is working, there will be internal problems. This is the same as the damage of the parts. One of them is the deviation of the board and even the body. The phenomenon of friction and collision occurs on the side. This phenomenon is extremely serious for the work and even the service life of the construction waste crusher. Lee is the need to promptly resolve, here to tell us about the internal problems, how to solve.

First of all, when this problem occurs, it should be stopped first and then repaired. The repair process is as follows: Loosen the spring rod screw to a suitable degree and place a 5t or 10t on the back wall slant of the body. Hydraulic jack, the top start E to the appropriate position, it is necessary to prevent the elbow plate off, but also to ease the back of the hitting elbow, and then use the top of the iron braze to the elbow, with a sledgehammer to hit the iron jaw construction crane crusher After brazing, the elbow plate is reset. After reset, a steel plate is welded at the end surface of the elbow pad groove on one side of the deviation. Generally, both ends are welded to prevent deviation of the elbow plate. This method of treatment can be restored. The working performance of the equipment.

In addition, in the production of construction waste crusher, it is important to repair equipment failures, but more importantly, during production, maintenance and operation of various parts of the equipment can reduce the occurrence frequency of failures and reduce maintenance costs. At the same time, it can also increase the production efficiency of the equipment.

The article mainly introduces the internal problems of the construction waste crusher for Hubei construction. It is mainly the phenomenon of friction and collision between the eccentricity of the jaw plate and the side of the body. Then it analyzes the solution to this phenomenon and introduces the maintenance in production. The importance of the maintenance of the time, there are many details of the problem, we need to patiently operate.

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