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*Posted: Submitted by laiyongcai92 (0) on Wed, 2018-06-13 04:00. | Subject: Authentic Womens Mark Walton Jersey

b-top-10 unit into the best run blocking unit in the league
in terms of Adjusted Line Yards Jordan
Akins Super Bowl LI Jersey
 , while also improving dramatically in
sub-metrics, including power run success, stuff percentage, and second-level
yardage, per Football Outsiders’ metrics.

All of that in itself is impressive, but remember, this was also including
the games Andy Dalton missed at the end of the season as well, furthering its

Especially in 2015, Jackson showed off a strong feel for the game, and had a
deep grasp of how and when to utilize his players in his gameplans. From trick
plays (like the touchdown catch-and-run by Dalton early in the year) to
constantly finding ways to keep all of his unique weapons liable to produce on
any given snap (between A.J. Green Phillip
Gaines Jersey Elite
 , Tyler Eifert, Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu,
Jeremy Hill, and Giovani Bernard, he certainly had plenty). He orchestrated what
had legitimate claim to being a Super Bowl-caliber offense — and had Dalton not
been injured, there is a decent case to be made they could’ve made a deep
playoff run that year.

Without him leading the charge, everything took a huge step back. In terms of
DVOA, the offense fell from the top 10 in every offensive category. Dalton
returned from dark horse MVP in 2015 to the middling performer he had been
prior. Hill and Bernard weren’t close to being as impactful. Green was the only
consistent weapon running routes and making plays at a high level just a year
after being the lead dog in a deadly multi-faceted attack. The blocking wasn’t
nearly as good, dropping a tier in both run and pass blocking.

Not all of the drop-off can be attributed to Jackson Wholesale
Jordan Whitehead Jersey
 , obviously. There’s no way he (or anyone)
could’ve prevented some sort of negative change in production after such a
stellar 2015 and the corresponding losses in free agency.

His influence and knowledge of the system in place could have mitigated the
damage, however. There were multiple instances across the season where better
play-calling could have given the team what they needed to come away with a win
and changed the entire scope of last season:

  • Week 8, vs Washington: 27-24 lead with under five minutes in fourth quarter,
    and four drives through overtime before the eventual tie
  • Week 10, at N.Y. Giants: 20-14 lead midway through third quarter, before 0
    points on five following drives in a 21-20 loss
  • Week 11, vs Buffalo: 12-10 halftime lead, then 0 points on six second-half
    drives (including three three-and-outs) in a 16-12 loss
  • Week 15, vs Pittsburgh: 20-9 halftime lead, then 0 points on four
    second-half drives in a 24-20 loss
  • Week 16 Wholesale DJ
    Chark Jersey
     , @ Houston: 10 points on 12 drives in an eventual
    12-10 loss

Any one of those games could have flipped behind a better-led offense; win a
few of those rather than lose or tie, this team could have been right there in
the playoff hunt again.

Beyond just last season, the team would also be more stable going forward.
Right now, rather than having an unquestioned setup for the offensive system
going forward, the team could need a substantive change at coordinator as soon
as next year.

Past that, there have been rumors swirling in recent years regarding Marvin
Lewis’ future, both in terms of being on the hot seat or even retirement.
Before, there may have been the possibility of a succession plan of sorts to
have Jackson take over whenever Lewis left. Now the only clear answer seems to
be a complete overhaul regardless of how he eventually leaves.

Next: Latest
Cincinnati Bengals 7-Round Mock Draft

Unlike other areas, this one probably isn’t a clear-cut decision made by the
team which hasn’t worked out. Jackson clearly wanted to be a head coach again,
and likely wouldn’t have stuck around without a clear path to that position in
the very near future. Despite the rumors streaming around Authentic
Troy Niklas Jersey
 , Lewis still appears to be nowhere near ready
to call it quits, and Bengals owner Mike Brown has shown no signs of tossing out
the best head coach he’s ever employed.

Still, though there doesn’t appear to be a realistic path for Jackson to have
stayed, the impact of him leaving could continue to have negative effects
reverberating through the next few years. With plenty else not looking great
either, the struggles of 2016 could be only the beginning of a new sustained run
of futility for these Cincinnati Bengals.

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