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sand making machine working characteristics and maintenance

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*Posted: Submitted by kathryn (0) on Mon, 2018-01-22 08:52. | Subject: sand making machine working characteristics and maintenance

The working performance of the sand making machine is stable and reliable, the process is simplified, the structure is simple, reasonable and compact, and it is easy to replace the parts and repair. Easy to maintain and easy to move. Three broken for two broken, large production capacity, the long service life, environmental protection and energy saving. The sand making machine is widely used in granite, basalt, quartz stone, cement clinker, carborundum, iron ore, iron ore, bauxite and other raw materials especially gravel crushing, to overcome the traditional sand equipment only suitable for soft rock (150MPa) material defects.

The new high efficiency and energy saving heavy sand and stone dual purpose machine can produce sand material or stone material. The structure has high chrome plate hammer, unique counterattack liner, hard rock crushing, unique inertia impact balancing device, and a simple and easy dismantling and maintenance window. The size of the discharge can be adjusted to simplify the crushing process.

Precautions for maintenance
1. The daily maintenance of the sand making machine is essential, must regularly make sand making machine get enough downtime, and to observe the internal wear sand making machine regularly, if worn should be timely replacement or repair. It is also noted that in the normal working process of the sand making machine is not to open the observation, so as to prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.
2. The sand making machine at work 400 hours should be adding grease, when 2000 hours of work will be opened for cleaning the bearing spindle assembly, if you work 7200 hours must be replaced with new bearings.
3. the transmission belt tension force size should be adjusted properly to ensure that should be grouping matching triangle tape, the length of each group as consistent as possible. The current difference of the two motor should not exceed 15A.
4. In the work process, because of the sand making machine belongs to the high-speed operation of the equipment should be Caution! Special. The staff should be far away from the equipment, and if they need to be repaired on the machine, they must be operated after the power is cut off.

Working characteristics of sand making machine
1. The high crushing efficiency, has finely, coarse grinding function.
With simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low operation cost.
2. Come through the broken material ability, affected by material moisture content, moisture content of up to 8%.
3. The grain type products is excellent, the cubic shape, low flakiness content, suitable for plastic, artificial sand and aggregate highway stone production; bulk density, iron pollution is low.
4. The noise below 75 dB (DB), less dust pollution.
5. Based on the old sand making machine by adding a counterweight wheel, it can save electric energy, increase kinetic energy. The production efficiency is greatly improved.
6. But open the door in the sand making machine maintenance on the rear. This is more conducive to the operation and maintenance of equipment. Observe and increase the bar adjusting device, convenient adjustment of the sand grain size. The design is more humane.

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