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Article Marketing - Two Pitfalls to Avoid

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*Posted: Submitted by prem (0) on Thu, 2017-04-13 06:23. | Subject: Article Marketing - Two Pitfalls to Avoid

Publishing my own newsletter is very important, probably more important than I first realized. With your own newsletter filled with relevant content that can help your prospects, you gain trust and credibility. Your PLR Work From Home Niche Blog Post Pack prospects are more willing to buy your product or service if they feel as if they know you.This was a powerful lesson to be learned. Search engines love reciprocal links when deciding your page rank and position in their search engine. This was an eye opener. With the right software I was able to make reciprocal linking work to my advantage, without having to manually do it myself. Reciprocal linking has helped me with my alexa ranking as well as in the search engines.

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