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Trip to Yunnan and Guangxi

*Posted: Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2005-08-03 07:21. | Subject: Trip to Yunnan and Guangxi

Hi guys!

Currently, I am working in Shanghai for already 3 months now for an internship.
I have about 2 weeks of vacation in August and I want to travel in China (better: Yunnan/Guangxi) during that time.
I have now made kind of a plan, but included yangshuo, which was recommended to me very much.

The time I have is from 12.08. to 23.08. (makes 13 days):
Day 1: Flight from Shanghai to Lijiang
Day 2: In the morning bus to Qiaotou, TLG
Day 3: TLG
Day 4: Bus to Lijiang from Daju
Day 5: Bus to Dali
Day 6: Dali
Day 7: Train to Kunming
Day 8: Kunming, then overnight bus to Nanning
Day 9: Arrival in Nanning, express bus to Guilin, bus to Yangshuo
Day 10: Yangshuo
Day 11: Yangshuo
Day 12: Yangshuo, Flight back to Shanghai

What do you think about that? Possible?

Looking forward to your answers, thanks,

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*Posted: Wed, 2005-08-03 13:13 | Subject: Re: Trip to Yunnan and Guangxi

Seems like a good plan. One change you might consider is to take the train from Kunming straight to Guilin. I just suggest this because I like trains a lot more than I like busses. When we took the train to Shanghai, we had a big white guy in the berth right next to ours on his way to Guilin. So extrapolating wildly and inaccurately from that one sample point, the train's also a common choice.

You'll probably end up leaving most of your luggage in Lijiang at the hostel/family's house/wherever you stay at. You'll be able to hike the gorge more quickly without the weight of all your stuff.

It's also a good idea that you have more days scheduled in Yangshuo. If you decide you like some other place along the way, you can use that slack to stay an extra day.

Hope you enjoy the trip! Smile

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